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Lively senior life – a good solution for municipalities!

Eloisa Homes are designed for older couples and single persons. They adapt themselves to the changing needs brought by aging. When advancing years set new challenges, an Eloisa Home will meet them.

In Eloisa Homes, the most important things are communality, accessibility, safety and location. The Eloisa houses are always located next door to everyday services. All the housing cooperatives have a club room. It is the shared living room of the residents for seeing each other, hobbies and even parties of one's own. There is no need to be alone. Residents always have company of their own age. Communality creates safety and promotes well-being and vitality. The club rooms of the Eloisa houses are in active use: recreation activity is many-sided and based on the residents' own initiative.

Eloisa housing cooperatives have already been built in several municipalities. Municipalities have noticed that supporting independent living by senior citizens will benefit all. In addition, the Eloisa housing cooperatives offer an opportunity for producers of services for senior citizens: the club room in each housing cooperative can be used both by the residents and by service providers.

If suitable land is available, Eloisa housing production can also be implemented using a campus model that supports housing needs, communality and entrepreneurship.

The Eloisa concept has been created in cooperation with senior residents, experts and municipal decision-makers.
View the Eloisa Homes presentation site at www.eloisakoti.fi (only in Finnish) and contact the Eloisa project heads with any questions you might have.

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