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Centra Building Centre

The largest concentration of hardware and construction business in Kanta-Häme

The future of construction and hardware retailing is growing in Kanta-Häme. In Hämeenlinna, Pohjola Rakennus Oy is developing Centra, a large-scale concentration of businesses in the field. Pohjola's cooperation partners in the project are the City of Hämeenlinna and Kehittämiskeskus Oy Häme.

Centra has approximately 10 hectares of land, on which a total of approximately 40,000 to 50,000 m2 of business space will be built. In addition to larger hardware store units, a shopping mall-like whole will also be located there, offering flexible space for small businesses.

The businesses in Centra complement each other's selection of products and services, making it into a one-stop shop for both private customers and professional builders, renovators and interior decorators.

An excellent location – customers already at your door

Centra is located immediately south of Hämeenlinna city centre, off Harvialantie, near the motorway and Main Road 10. This is useful both logistically and because it uses the potential created by the bypass. From even Valkeakoski or Hyvinkää, Centra is only 30 minutes away. The service area of the building centre has nearly 200,000 residents.

Driving-time zones and populations
10 min. approx. 49,000 residents
20 min. approx. 80,000 residents
30 min. approx. 185,000 residents

A growing customer potential has the keys to success

The service area of the Centra Building Centre is all of Kanta-Häme, whose commercial hub is Hämeenlinna. People also come to Hämeenlinna from Riihimäki and Forssa to buy special goods and one-off purchases of consumer durables – including products in construction, interior decoration and hardware.

The population of Kanta-Häme will also grow in the coming years. The growth will be most significant in Hämeenlinna and its environs. For the potential market in construction and hardware, this means a smooth growth that offers great opportunities for success to the businesses of Centra.

Read more about Centra in our digital brochure. (in Finnish)

Ask for more information about the Centra project and about the possibility of being involved in it:

Harri Kiviranta, project development director
tel. +358 44 335 1139