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Business construction

As a customer of Pohjola, you can decide on the location of your new facilities, their design and structural solutions. You can also define the quality level you want. Use the links below to view the services we offer.

Our services include

  • Charting of potential building locations
  • Finding a source of funding
  • Charting the need for space
  • System description of the HVAC required
  • Preparation of architectural sketches
    • Land use plan
    • Space use plan
    • Perspective drawings of the façades
  • Supervision of design at the agreed quality level
  • Offer on turnkey delivery
  • General timetable on construction

Contact person:


Harri Kiviranta
044 335 1139

Centra logoCentra logo Centra Building Centre – an example of new thinking in business premises.

Centra is a new large-scale business premises project developed by Pohjolan Rakennus Oy for hardware stores and businesses in the construction field. The service package of the Centra concept consists of leading actors in the field who appreciate good accessibility and practical solutions for business premises. The businesses in Centra complement each other's selection of products and services, making it into a one-stop shop for both private customers and professional builders, renovators and interior decorators.

The first Centra is being built in Hämeenlinna. It has approximately 10 hectares of land, on which a total of approximately 40,000 to 50,000 m2 of business space will be built. In addition to larger hardware store units, a shopping mall-like whole will also be located there, offering flexible space for small businesses.

More information on the Centra page

Winglet Business Park – a modern business park in the heart of Pirkanmaa

A new modern and lively business park is being built at the core of Pirkanmaa. Winglet Business Park is designed for businesses that want to function in inexpensively built facilities in an impressive high-quality environment.

More information on the Winglet page

Ratinan Arvo – leading the way in new business construction

Ratinan Arvo is a business building for a new age, built in the attractive Ratina area of Tampere.

More information on the Ratinan Arvo page

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